The (Nearly Complete)

Pete Seeger Discography (Part 2)


ALBUMS (Including 78rpm albums and singles, and LP's)

Songs for John Doe (June 1941) Almanac Records
Talking Union and Other Union Songs (May 1941) Folkways 5285
The Soil and the Sea (June 1941) Fontana Mainstream TL 5299
Dear Mr. President (August 1942) Folkways 5436
Lonesome Train (1943) Decca DL-5054 12"
America's Favorite Songs (1943-44) Asch Recordings Disc 607
Songs for Victory (1943-44) Stinson/Asch 346
Folksay I-VI (1943) Asch 322
American Banjo (June 1944) Asch 352
Pete! Folk Songs and Ballads (1963) Stinson SLP 90
Lonesome Valley (1943-46) Folkways FA 2010 10"
Songs for Political Action (1946) CIO Political Action Committee
Roll the Union On (December 1946) Asch 370
The Weavers (1949) Charter 2-78's
Darling Corey (1950) Folkways FA 2003 10"
We Sing--Vol. I (1950) MDH Records (bootleg)
Songs to Grow On--Vol. 2 (1951) Folkways FC 7020 10"
Songs to Grow On--Vol. 3 (1951) Folkways FC 7027 10"
Folk Songs of America and Other Lands (1951) Decca DL-5285 10"
Best of the Weavers (1950-53) Decca DL 8893/DXS 7173
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1952) Decca DL 5373 10"
American Folk Songs for Children (1953) Folkways FTS 31501/FC 7601
A Pete Seeger Concert (1953-54) Stinson SLP 57
Pete Seeger Sampler (1954) Folkways FA 2043 10"
Sing Out! Hootenanny (1959) Folkways FN 2513
German Folk Songs (1954) Folkways FW 6843 10"
Goofing Off Suite (1954) Folkways FA 2045
Frontier Ballads Vols. I and II (1954) Folkways FA 2175 and 2176 10"
Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Little Fishes (1954) Folkways FC 7610
Hootenanny Tonight! (1954) Folkways FN 2511
How to Play the Five String Banjo (1954) Folkways FI 8203
The Folksinger's Guitar Guide (1955) Folkways FQ 8354
Bantu Choral Folk Songs (1955) Folkways FW 6912 10"
Folksongs of Four Continents (1955) Folkways FW 6911 10"
Camp Songs (1955) Folkways/Scholastic Records SC 7628
The Weavers at Carnegie Hall (December, 1955) Vanguard VSD 6533
Country Dance Music Washboard Band (1956) Folkways FA 2201 10"
With Voices We Sing Together (1956) Folkways 2452
American Industrial Ballads (1956) Folkways FH 5251
Love Songs for Friends and Foes (1956) Folkways FA 2453
Studs Terkel's Weekly Almanac on Folk Music Blues on WFMT with Big BillBroonzy and Pete Seeger (1956) Folkways FS 3864
Big Bill Broonzy and Pete Seeger in Concert (1956) Verve Folkways FV 9008
Sing Out With Pete! (1956-61) Folkways FA 2455
The Weavers on Tour (1956-58) Vanguard VSD 6537/VSR 9013
The Weavers Songbag (1956-58) Vanguard SRV 73001
The Weavers at Home (1956-58) Vanguard VRS 9024/Vsd 2030
American Ballads (1957) Folkways FA 2319
American Favorite Ballads (December 1957) Folkways FA 2320
Jewish Children's Songs and Games (1957) Folkways FC 7224 10"
Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry (July 1958) Folkways FA 2412
Travelling on With the Weavers (1958) Vanguard VRS 9043
American Favorite Ballads--Vol. 2 (February 1959) Folkways FA 2321

Gazette With Pete Seeger (1958) Folkways FN 2501
Pretty Boy Floyd, Banks of Marble, TVA Song, Martian Love Song, Forty-Two Kids, State of Arkansas, Declaration of Independence, The Wild West is Where I Want to Be, The Ballad of Sherman Wu, Roll On Columbia, Reuben James * Then We'll Have Peace, The Scaler, Newspapermen, Talking Atom, Teachers Blues, Demi Song, Battle of Maxton Field, Doctor Freud, There is Mean Things Happening in this Land.                                     

Sleep Time (1958) Folkways FC 7525
Song and Play Time With Pete Seeger (1958) Folkways FC 7526
Hootenanny at Carnegie Hall (1958-59) Folkways FN 2512
American Playparties (1959) Folkways FC 7604
Folk Songs for Young People (1959) Folkways FC 7532
American Favorite Ballads--Vol. 3 (1959) Folkways FA 2322
Nonesuch (August 1959) Folkways FA 2439
Folk Festival at Newport--Vol. 1 (1959) Vanguard VRS 9062
Folk Music of the Newport Folk Festival 1959-60 Folkways FA 2431
Indian Summer (soundtrack) (1959-60) Folkways FS 3851
The Unfortunate Rake (1960) Folkways FS 3805
Highlights of Pete Seeger at the Village Gate with Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon--Vol. 1 (1960) Folkways FA 2450
Pete Seeger at the Village Gate--Vol. 2 (1960) Folkways FA 2451
Songs of the Civil War (1960) Folkways FH 5717
American History in Ballad and Song--Vols. 1 and 2 (1960-61) Folkways FH 5801, 5802
Champlain Valley Songs (February 1960) Folkways FH 5210
The Rainbow Quest (July 1960) Folkways FA 2454
Bill McAdoo Sings (1960) Folkways FA 2448
Old Time Fiddle Tunes (1960) Folkways FG 3531
American Favorite Ballads--Vol. 4 (1961) Folkways FA 2323
Gazette--Vol. 2 (1961) Folkways FN 2502
Pete Seeger: Story Songs (April 1961) Columbia CL 1668/CS 8468
American Favorite Ballads--Vol. 5 (1962) Folkways FA 2445
American Game and Activity Songs for Children (1962) Folkways FC 7674
The 12-String Guitar as Played by Leadbelly (1962) Folkways FI 8371
The Bitter and the Sweet (May 1962) Columbia CL 1916/ CS 8716
Hootenanny (September 1962) Prestige/ Folklore 14020

Pete Seeger: Children's Concert at Town Hall (April 21, 1963) Columbia CS8747
Little Birdie, Henry My Son, Here's to Cheshire - Here's to Cheese, Automation: Erie Canal, I've Been Working on the Railroad, Erie Canal; Put Your Finger in the Air, It Could Be a Wonderful World, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Be Kind to Your Parents, This Land is Your Land

The Weavers: Reunion at Carnegie Hall (May 2,3, 1963) Vanguard VSD 2150
The Weavers Reunion, Part 2 (May 2,3, 1963) Vanguard VSD 79161
Broadside Ballads--Vol. 1 (1963) Folkways FH 5301
We Shall Overcome (June 8, 1963) Columbia CL 2101/CS 8901
Newport Broadside (July 1963) Vanguard VSD 79144
Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti (1963) Folkways FH 5485
Broadside Ballads--Vol. 2 (1963) Broadside Records 302
Little Boxes and Other Broadsides (1963) Verve/Folkways FV/FVS 9020
The Nativity (1963-64) Folkways FT 35001
Strangers and Cousins (1963-64) Columbia CL 2334/CS 9134
Broadsides (1964) Folkways FA 2456
Newport Folk Festival 1964 Vanguard VSD 79184
Songs of Struggle and Protest (January 1965) Folkways FH 5233
I Can See a New Day (January 1965) Columbia CL 2252/CS 9057
WNEW's Story of Selma (March 1965) Folkways FH 5595
God Bless the Grass (January 1966) Columbia CL 2432/ CS 9232
Dangerous Songs!? (August 1966) Columbia CL 2503/ CS 9303
Pete Seeger Sings Woody Guthrie (1967) Folkways FTS 31002
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (August 1967) Columbia CL 2705/ CS 9505
Traditional Christmas Carols (1967) Folkways FAS 32311
Pete Seeger's Greatest Hits (October 1967) Columbia CL 2616/ CS 9416
Pete Seeger Sings Leadbelly (1968) Folkways FTS 31002
Pete Seeger Sings and Answers Questions at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston (1968) Broadside BRS 502
Pete Seeger Now (1968) Columbia CS 9717
A Tribute to Woody Guthrie--Vols. 1 and 2 (1968-69) Warner Bros. 2W3007
Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon (Soundtrack) (1969) Columbia CS 3540
Clearwater (1969-74) Sound House Records PS 1001
Clearwater II (1969-77) Sound House Records SHR 1022
Pete Seeger Young vs. Old (1971) Columbia CS 9873
Great Folksingers of the Sixties (1972) Vanguard VSD 17/18
Ballads of Black America (1972) Folkways FC 7751

Rainbow Race (1973) Columbia C30739
Last Train to Nuremberg, Sailing Down This Golden River, Uncle Ho, Snow Snow, My Rainbow Race, Our Generation, Old Devil Time, The Clearwater, Words Words Words, Hobo's Lullaby

Mike Seeger: The Second Annual Farewell Reunion (1973) Mercury SRMI 1685
Homeless Brother (Don McLean) (1974) United Artists LA315-16
The World of Pete Seeger (1974) Columbia KG 31949
Banks of Marble (1974) Folkways FTS 31040
Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street (1974) Children's Records of America CTW 22062
Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie Together in Concert (1975) Warner Bros. 2R2214
Canto Obrero (May 1975) Americanto A 1004
Fifty Sail on Newburgh Bay (1976) Folkways FH 5257
The Essential Pete Seeger (1978) Vanguard 97/98
Circles and Seasons (1979) Warner Bros. 3329
Equilibrium: National Audubon Society's Album of Nature and Humanity (1980) Folkways FTS 37305
Singalong (1980) Folkways FXM 6055 2-12
The Great Hudson River Revival--Vol. 1 (1980) Flying Fish 214
Precious Friend (w/ Arlo Guthrie) (1982) Warner Brothers 2BSK 3644
Clearwater Classics (1984) Pair P2 17865/PDL2-1076
Live At Royal Festival Hall (1985) Greenwich Village GVR 233
Can't You See This System's Rotten Through And Through (1985) Greenwich Village GVR 234
Carry It On (1986) Flying Fish FF 104


Yankee Doodle and Other Songs (early 1950's) Young People's records

Pete Seeger Sings Folk Songs (Early 1950's) Folkways FEP 1

Sea Chanties (1950's) Young People's Records (3 EP's)

Almanac (early 1950's) Folkways Records

American Folk Songs for Children (1953) Folkways EPC 1-3

South African Freedom Songs (mid-1950's) Folkways EPC-601


Harry Bridges (1941) Keynote Records 304 Babe O' Mine

Keep That Oil A-Rolling (1942) Keynote Records Boomtown Bill

Solidarity Forever (1945) Stinson 622

Mule Train (1944) Columbia Records

Newspapermen (1947-48) Encore Records 101 Talking Atom

Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase (1948) Charter Records C-500 Skillet Good
and Greasy T for Texas

Johnny I Hardly Knew You (1948) Charter Records C-500-A Hallelujah, I'm A
Travellin' (1948) Charter C-25-B

Zhonkoye (1948) Charter C-30-A Black, Brown. and White Blues (1948) Charter

Death of Harry Sims (1948) Charter C-45-B Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues

No Irish Need Apply (1949) Charter RC-1 Unemployment Compensation Blues

Conversation with a Mule (1949) Charter Records (or private pressings)
Farmer is the Man Join the Farmers Union

Utsu Etsa (1949) Charter Records Schalome

Train to the Zoo (1949) Children's Record Guild

The Peekskill Story (1949) Charter Records C-502

Dig My Grave (1949) Charter 503 Wasn't That a Time (The Weavers)

The Hammer Song (1949) Hootenanny Records H 101 Banks of Marble (The

Talking UnAmerican Blues (1951) Hootenanny Records H 103


Around the World (1950) Decca 27503 Tzena (Hebrew)

Tzena (English) (1950) Decca 27077 Goodnight, Irene

So Long (1950) Decca 27376 Lonesome Traveller

Wreck of the "John B." (1950) Decca 27332 The Roving Kind

Hush Little Baby/Suliram (1951) Decca 27727 I Know Where I'm Going

On Top of Old Smokey (1951) Decca 27515 The Wide Missouri Frozen Logger
(1951) Decca 27726 Darling Corey

Follow the Drinking Gourd (1951) Decca 27728 Easy Rider Blues

When the Saints Go Marching In (1951) Decca 27670 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Jig Along Home (1951) Decca 88075 Join into the Game

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1951) Decca 27783 Little Bitty Baby

Go Tell It on the Mountain (1951) Decca 27818 Poor Little Jesus

It's Almost Day (1951) Decca 27819 Burgundian Carol/God Rest Ye Merry

Wimoweh (1952) Decca 27928 Old Paint

Around the Corner (1952) Decca 29054 Gandy Dancer's Ball

Hard Ain't it Hard (1952) Decca 28228 Run Home to Mama

Quilting Bee (1953) Decca 28542 Bay of Mexico

Clementine (1952) Decca 28434 True Love

Sylvie (1953) Decca 28919 Rock Island Shuffle

Benoni (1953) Decca 28637 Taking it Easy

You Are My Sunshine (Undated, no info)

Battle of New Orleans (1957-58) Folkways FA 45-201 My Home's Across the
Smokey Mountains

One Day as I Rambled (1957-59) Vanguard Records Skip to My Lou

Done Laid Around (1958) Vanguard Records Aunt Rhody

Little Boxes (1963) Columbia Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (1967) Columbia Down by the Riverside


Folklore Americain par les Weavers au Carnegie Hall de N.. Amadeo, France
(Originally Vanguard VSD 6533)

Weavers at Carnegie Hall II Amadeo, France 32 (originally Vanguard VSD

Hootenanny With Pete Seeger France FWXM 50103

We Shall Overcome Amiga, German Democratic Republic Amiga 84003 (Originally Columbia CL2101)

Live Hootenanny Vols. 1 and 2 Aravel, England Aravel AB 1003-5

The Pete Seeger Story CBS, Japan CBS YS 8334-C

Folkways Around the World Festival, New Zealand Fesival FL 7156 (originally
Decca DL 5285)

Best of the Weavers Festival, New Zealand Festival FL 7124 (originally
Decca 8893)

Pete Seeger In Concert--Vols. 1 and 2 Folklore, England F-Laut-1

The Soil and the Sea Fontana, England Fontana TL 5299

Travelling on With the Weavers Fontana, England TFL 6028

Weavers Almanac Fontana, England TFL 6011

Peekskill Story/Our Song Will Travel On Topic, England TRC 28

Pete and Five Strings Topic, England Top33 EP (From Folkways 2003)

Peter Seeger's Guitar Guide Topic, England 12 T 20 (Folkways FQ 8354)

Play the Five String Banjo Topic, England 12 T 23 Hootenanny NYC Topic,
England Top37


The Unforgotten Men (early 1950's) National Guardian

Folk Song and Minstrelry (1962) Vanguard RL 7624-3

Born to Live (1960) Folkways FD 5525

The Bitter End Years (1961-62) Roxbury RCX 300

The Bad Men (1964) Columbia Records legacy collection 

Bread and Roses (1977) Fantasy F-79009


Square Dance Album (1940-46) Library of Congress M173A8, 673-6733

Pete Seeger on Saipan (1944) from recordings over Saipan radio during war

OPA Shout (1946) People's Songs Collection

People's Songs for National Maritime Union (1947) soundtrack for filmstrip
prepared by People's Songs

Great Day Glory Glory Hallelujah (1948) Progressive Party

Soundtrack Recordings (1949) American Labor Party


Lullabies and Rounds (early 1940's) disc 78's

Hudson Valley Ballads (late 1940's) disc 78's

Square Dances (1940's) Folkcraft

The Weavers and Others CHI Institute

Clancy Brothers Live Concert Columbia Records

Pete Seeger--Freight Train (October 1964) Capital DT 2718

Pete Seeger on Campus (June 1965) Verve/Folkways FVS 9009

Folk Go-Go Verve/Folkways America's Balladeer (1973) Everest/Olympic 7102

Folk Festival Legacy 110


This discography has been compiled from the author's collection, reference material, and other sources. All suggestions, corrections and comments are welcome.