The Incompleat Folksinger by Pete Seeger

Edited by Jo Metcalf Schwartz

(Originally published by Simon and Schuster, 1972)


I Call Them All Love Songs


Editor's Note

Part 1 - Old Songs and New People

        1. A Revival of Interest in Folk Music

        2. Two American Musicians

        3. Some Folk Roots and Protest Traditions

Part 2 - A Folk Revival in the Atom Age

        4. 1954-69 Notes For and About Johnny Appleseed, Jr.

Part 3 - Making Homemade Music

        5. Ways of Singing With and For People

        6. Voices

        7. Some Instruments

        8. Making New Songs

        9. Style, Standards and Responsibility-American Heritage and Contemporary Singers

Part 4 - The World That Music Lives In

        10. Races and Racism: A Singer's View

        11. Money and Music - Observations on the Commercial Big Time and its Attempts to Make Money Out of
                Folk Music

        12. A Question of Patriotism

        13. Other Folk - Songs and Celebration in Other Parts of the World

        14. Languages, Translations and Mixtures

        15. The Incompleat Folksinger - Some Supplementary Memories, Acknowledgements and Generalizations